Undergraduate Ethics Honors Students

Henry Hill-Gorman

▪ Philosophy
▪ Economics
▪ Advisor: Brian Coyne
▪ Tentative thesis title: Remedying Housing Segregation in Milwaukee

Ananya Karthik

▪ Computer Science
▪ Political Science
▪ Advisor: Debra Satz
▪ Tentative thesis title: The Dangers in How We Conceptualize the Data Subject

Liana Keesing

▪ Electrical Engineering
▪ M.S., Electrical Engineering
▪ Advisor: Jen King
▪ Tentative thesis title: The Ethics of Personal Home Surveillance Technology

Ethan McAvoy

▪ Political Science
▪ Advisor: Juliana Bidadanure
▪ Tentative thesis title: The Ethics of Declining Rates of Home Ownership Among Young People

Ashwin Pillai

▪ Philosophy
▪ Political Science
▪ M.A., Philosophy
▪ Advisor: Wendy Salkin
▪ Tentative thesis title: Standing Doctrine and the Difficulty of Legal Cases Against Institutional Systems

Tori Qiu

▪ Symbolic Systems
▪ Advisor: Rob Reich
▪ The Responsibility of Students and Universities Related to #NoTechForICE

Catherine Sarkis

▪ Economics
▪ Philosophy
▪ Advisor: Scott Sagan
▪ Tentative thesis title: The Ethics of Lethal Autonomous Weapons in War

Willoughby Winograd

▪ Political Science
▪ Advisor: Rob Jackson
▪ Tentative thesis title: Reconceptualizing Conservation Ethics to Enhance Animal Welfare