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Apr 25 2017 | Tatiana Freiin von Rheinbaben
Wednesday, April 12, 2017. 7pm. Stanford Law School. Room 290.
Apr 20 2017 | Sara Button
On Wednesday, April 12, Philippe Van Parijs, the founder of the Basic Income Earth Network and Professor at the University of Louvain, presented on his latest book, co-written with Yannick Vanderborght, entitled Basic Income: A Radical Proposal for a Free Society and a Sane Economy.
Apr 11 2017 | Michael Taylor
For about six months, I worked the front desk at the Stanford gyms, where my main responsibility was making sure that everyone who entered the gym had permission to be there.
Apr 6 2017 | The Woodside World Staff
Larissa MacFarquhar, Ethics Center writer-in-residence and staff writer at The New Yorker, recently paid a visit to Woodside High School's journalism class to discuss the life of a writer. These articles reporting on her visit originally appeared in The Woodside World.  "Larissa Macfarquhar Teaches...
Mar 24 2017 | Michael Taylor
(Before reading, please watch the first 45 seconds of the following clip from The Hunger Games: The Death of Rue)   I: I have no pity. That’s what you get when you hug it out above a booby trap. T: It’s a movie.