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May 20 2013 | Jack Martinez
Sir Anthony Atkinson is on a quest to understand 21st Century economic inequality. A British knight and Nuffield College Professor at Oxford University, Atkinson drew on the work of numerous scholars, to deliver a contemplative presentation concerning the recent history and direction of economic...
May 17 2013 | Alexis Garduno
Consider your relationship to money: how you use it, think about it, and even spend it. According to Zen Buddhist teacher and independent scholar David Loy, when asking people how much money they would need to be satisfied, it tends to be 125 percent of what they’ve already earned. For Loy...
May 17 2013 | Cara Reichard
When thinking about business and ethics, it is the apparent gap between the two concepts that often comes to mind.
May 17 2013 | Salil Dudani
What’s your immediate emotional reaction to the label “libertarian”? What’s your immediate emotional reaction to the label “social justice”? Chances are, reactions are starkly opposed.
May 16 2013 | Or Gozal
From the Abolitionist Movement grew a distinct way of thinking about the relationship between freedom and equality. Abolitionists cast slavery as both a condition of complete un-freedom and, simultaneously, one of abject status degradation.  As a result, explained professor Elizabeth Anderson...