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Nov 28 2012 | Lily B. Clausen
Stanford senior Margaret Hayden was sitting at one end of a long conference table at a law firm in Manhattan. On the other end were seven panelists deciding her fate as a 2013 Rhodes Scholar. What else should they know about her that they hadn’t already asked, one of them inquired. “I know...
Nov 15 2012 | Cara Reichard
Rare is the performance that speaks as passionately about tax law as monologist Josh Kornbluth's one-man show "Love & Taxes." This autobiographical work was performed at Stanford earlier this fall as a part of the Center for Ethics in Society's Ethics of Wealth series. The show...
Oct 30 2012 | Anne Evered
In an attempt to trick Jesus, the chief priests ask him if it is lawful to pay taxes to the emperor. In response, Jesus asks the priests to examine the coins they use to pay their taxes. “Whose head is on the coins?,” Jesus asked the priests. “Give to the emperor the things that are the emperor’s...
Oct 25 2012 | Or Gozal
What is Oprah? A noun, a name, or a misspelling? According to Kathryn Lofton, an associate professor of Religious Studies and American Studies at Yale University, Oprah is more than just an individual.
Sep 21 2012 | The Buzz Staff