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Jan 10 2014 | The Buzz Staff
  Last month, the Obama Administration tapped Stanford Law professor and Ethics in Society steering committee member Pamela Karlan to be Deputy Assistant Attorney General in charge of the voting-rights section.  
How does a Roman Catholic pastor respond to being told of abuses during Confession?  Can rabbinical students go clubbing?  Are religious leaders’ ethics codified?  
  When Garima Sharma set off to teach human rights education to girls in Forbesganj, India, the last thing she expected to do was lead a street protest.  One day in class, however, her students asked her to do just that.  Sharma was holding a session on street harassment, and a few days before...
Dec 5 2013 | The Buzz Staff
The Center offers up a big congratulations to Nobel Prize-winning economist and Ethics Center advisor Kenneth Arrow, who was among the six people selected as this year’s Stanford Engineering Heroes. This honor recognizes those who have advanced the course of human, social and economic progress...
Nov 19 2013 | The Buzz Staff
  Center for Ethics in Society Director Debra Satz was a guest on KQED's Forum Tuesday morning. Show host Michael Krasny spoke with Satz along with Duke University President Richard Brodhead and Scott Saul, UC Berkeley's Director of Undergraduate Studies in the English Department....