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Nov 15 2013 | ethics in Society Staff
This week the Center hosts an Ethics and the Professions event with religious leaders on campus. Below, read about our postdoc Patrick Taylor Smith reviewed Baogang He's Wesson Lectures, Anne Newman received an award for her new book on education, and we share postdoc Will Braynen's autumnal photos...
When the package was opened, out came a solitary confinement cell: a sink, toilet, metal bed, and a food trap. In this scene from the documentary film, “The Worst of the Worst,” a prison cell was mailed to a state committee that was hearing the issue of solitary confinement. “It’s possible to make...
Oct 10 2013 | Brian Berkey
Can providing the very poor with grounds for hope for a better life help break the “poverty trap” that so many of the world’s worst off people find themselves stuck in In her talk “Hope, Aspirations, and the Design of the Fight Against Poverty,” Esther Duflo argues that it can.
Aug 9 2013 | Corrie Goldman
  (This article originally ran in the Stanford News Service.)
Jun 18 2013 | Ethics in Society Staff
A handful of Undergraduate Honors Program in Ethics in Society students were recognized with undergraduate prizes during the 2012-2013 graduation celebration over the weekend. Program graduate Albert Pak won the Philosophy Department’s Mothershead Prize for Outstanding Work in Moral and/or...