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May 16 2013 | Or Gozal
From the Abolitionist Movement grew a distinct way of thinking about the relationship between freedom and equality. Abolitionists cast slavery as both a condition of complete un-freedom and, simultaneously, one of abject status degradation.  As a result, explained professor Elizabeth Anderson...
May 15 2013 | Anne Evered
Brecht’s 'The Exception and the Rule,' performed at Stanford this April, begins with a scene of alienation. The characters stand apart from one another acting out mundane tasks: eating, flossing, and waiting on the train. The scene is stark and the message clear:  The individuals are alienated,...
Apr 15 2013 | Or Gozal
  This summer, Lara Mitra will be working with a union in Ahmedabad, India on initiatives aimed at securing women’s health rights. She’ll be analyzing and documenting the changing role of front-line health workers, like traditional birth attendants and government health workers.
Mar 6 2013 | Anne Evered
In a scene from the TV series “Arab Love,” an Arab man discusses with his Israeli coworker how to avoid being stopped by the Israeli border police. The conversation takes on a humorous tone as the coworker explains how certain types of cars will definitely get stopped, while others most certainly...
Mar 6 2013 | Alesandra Najera
The moment that Rachel Maddow walked on stage, audience members lurched to their feet, clapping and cheering for the returning Stanford ’93 alumna. “Wow,” she quipped. “I haven’t even said anything!”