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Feb 8 2019 | Sarah Berger Gonzalez
The hunger to hear nuanced views on the pros and cons of universal basic income (UBI) was evident in the capacity crowd that gathered for a recent discussion among several scholars with expertise in ethics, political economy and labor politics.
Jan 25 2019 | Elena Shao and Yash Pershad
CRISPR gene-editing technology co-inventor Jennifer Doudna addressed the opportunities and challenges of editing genomes in a Thursday conversation with political science and ethics professor Rob Reich and genetics professor Kelly Ormond. “The major bottleneck for moving forward in the clinic is...
Jan 9 2019 | Mike Peña
The holidays may be over, but the season of giving lingers — at least in spirit among advocates of a universal basic income (UBI). Interest in UBI, commonly understood as a government program that pays a monthly stipend unconditionally to citizens, is on the rise in an age of mounting inequality...
Nov 16 2018 | Mike Peña
As the country struggles to restore civility in public discourse, universities are finding it no less difficult to foster open dialogue about polarizing issues in a way that respects all sides. Many campuses seem to be falling into the stereotype of elite liberal institutions where conservative...
Nov 7 2018 | Mike Peña
Emily Chapman, an assistant professor affiliated with the McCoy Family Center for Ethics in Society, is teaching a course next quarter called The Ethics of Elections (POLISCI 132A). Yeah, there's going to be a lot to talk about.