Rolling Grants

Applications for this opportunity are reviewed on a rolling basis. Please apply here.

Rolling Grant Opportunity Overview

The Ethics, Society, & Technology Hub is awarding Rolling Grants — grants up to $10,000, for projects that meet specific criteria furthering the mission of increasing engagement with the ethical and societal implications of science and technology research and development at Stanford. 

Proposals may be submitted at any time throughout the year and will be considered on a rolling basis.

Who is eligible to apply?

Any member of the Stanford community many apply. All proposals must address issues, concerns, or opportunities in the Stanford community.

New applicants, current, and former grantees, and/or previous applicants to any EST Hub grant program are eligible and encouraged to apply.

Funding parameters

  • One year grants with a maximum request amount of up to $10,000. We are happy to entertain grants as small and $100.
  • Applicants may receive one rolling grant per academic year
  • Preference given to new projects and initiatives as opposed to supplemental funding for a larger project.

While there are few specific guidelines for exactly how these funds will be used, we expect that they will be used to support collaborative projects, workshops, courses, or like activities and they will not be used to supplement or fund an individual’s research program. With that said, we welcome creative requests that could make use of these ad hoc funds.

Funding amounts will vary based on the budgets of proposed projects. Funds may be used for, but are not limited to, the following:

  • organizing symposia, workshops, conferences, or other collaborations
  • bringing scholars, public intellectuals, and leaders from industry, civil society, and government to Stanford
  • technological support: equipment, software, website development, archival collections, podcasting, social media, etc
  • hiring research assistants
  • materials/supplies

Program Priorities

  • Student Engagement: Involves students in the design, development, and/or impact of the project
  • Interdisciplinary: Draws on expertise and/or participation from more than one discipline
  • Collaborative: Ideally led by a team of people from multiple centers, programs, initiatives, or organizations
  • Ethics and Societal Implications of Tech Development: Centers mitigating the negative implications of science and technology development on society
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion: Project teams carefully consider who is represented on the research team, how labor is distributed and compensated, who is represented in data, and whether the project deliverables promote equity in society.

How to Apply

Consideration for EST Hub Rolling Grants is now open. Applications should be submitted to this google form including an attached short description of how the proposed funds will be used and a description of how these funds will enhance or meet the goals of the proposed activity. The application should not exceed one page and should be submitted as a pdf document. Please contact Ashlyn Jaeger, Program Manager (ajaeger [at], if you have any questions.