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Ethics, Society, and Technology Hub

EST Hub funded Rewired magazine launches second issue

Rewired’s second issue seeks to capture our physical and digital circumstances in a single word: Viral. With the pandemic rippling through communities and media permeating digital networks, Viral interrogates the intricate, dynamic, and unexpected connections that technology makes possible. Check it out here:

Featured Event


Risking Your Life to Test a Life-Saving Vaccine 

JANUARY 26, 2021 - 12:00PM

In the dark early weeks of the pandemic, thousands of young people from all over the world volunteered to be injected with Covid, in order to speed up vaccine trials. They formed an organization called 1Day Sooner, believing that speeding a vaccine up by even one day would save so many lives that it was worth risking their own. Four volunteers will describe how and why they made this difficult choice.

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What is the Ethics, Society, and Technology Hub?

The mission of the EST Hub is to deepen Stanford’s strength in ethics and generate a fundamental shift in how faculty, staff, and students, whatever their disciplinary home, choice of major, and career pathway, think about our role as enablers and shapers of scientific discovery and technological change in society.

Read about the EST Hub in the Stanford Report

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