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Anthropology: Technology & Inequality

Anthropology: Medical Ethics in a Global World 

Anthropology: Materiality, Power, Theory 

Anthropology: Science, Medicine, & Ethics

Bioengineering: Ethics in Bioengineering 

Bioengineering: Technology Assessment and Regulation of Medical Devices 

Biology: Ethics in the Anthropocene

Business: Ethics and Management 

Business: Finance and Society

Communication: The Rise of Digital Culture 

Communication: Digital Civil Society

Communication: Virtual People

Communication: Lies, Trust, and Technology

Computer Science: Social Computing

Computer Science: What can I do today to create a more inclusive community in CS?

Computer Science: Bridging Tech and Policy through Design 

Computer Science: Ethical and Social Issues In Natural Language Processing

Computer Science: Ethics, Public Policy, and Technology Change

Computer Science: So You Say You Want a Revolution (Blockchain Edition)

Education: Computational Thinking

Engineering: Ethical Issues in Engineering

Engineering: Understanding and Preparing for Technology in the Next Economy  

Management Science and Engineering: Principled Entrepreneurial Decisions 

Ethics in Society: Environmental Ethics

History: From Movable Type to Machine Learning 

Human Biology: Disability and Technology

Human Biology: Foundations of Bioethics

Sociology: Politics of Data

Law: Computer Security 

Law: Law, Technology, and Liberty 

Management Science and Engineering: Data Privacy and Ethics

Management Science and Engineering: Ethics of Finance and Financial Engineering

Management Science and Engineering: Technology and National Security

Management Science and Engineering: The Ethical Analyst  

Mechanical Engineering: Ethics and Equity in Transportation Systems

Medicine: Scientific Method and Bias

Neurosciences: Social and Ethical Issues in the Neurosciences 

Philosophy: Philosophy and Emerging Technologies

Political Science: International Security in a Changing World

Psychology: Scientific, Ethical, and Legal Implications of Brain Imaging

Sociology: The Politics of Algorithms 

Sociology: Ending Poverty with Technology

Science, Technology, and Society: Science, Technology, and Black Vernacular Cultures

Science, Technology, and Society: Technology and the Environment

Surgery: Global Surgery and Anesthesia 

Symbolic Systems: Digital Technology, Society, and Democracy