On Meat without Animals: Considering Cellular Agriculture

Thu January 12th 2017, 5:30 - 7:00pm
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McCoy Family Center for Ethics in Society
CEMEX Auditorium
Free and open to the public. General admission. 
On Meat without Animals: Considering Cellular Agriculture

What is a post-animal economy? What if we could feed and clothe the world with animal products without killing a single animal? The nascent field of cellular agriculture promises such a future by using cell cultures to produce meat (aka cultured meat, clean meat, or in-vitro meat) and other agricultural products such as milk, eggs, and leather. This panel brings together a CEO, an animal welfare advocate, a philosopher, a venture capitalist, and a journalist to consider what cellular agriculture means for the future of food.

Bruce Friedrich Managing Trustee, New Crop Capital & Executive Director, The Good Food Institute 

Paul Shapiro Vice President of Policy, The Humane Society of the United States 

Uma Valeti CEO and Co-Founder, Memphis Meats 

Cor van der Weele Professor of Humanistic Philosophy, University of Wageningen  

Moderated by Naomi Starkman Editor-in-Chief, Civil Eats

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