What Did Silicon Valley Do to Democracy and the Media?

Mon November 13th 2017, 7:00 - 8:30pm
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The Center for Ethics in Society, the Digital Civil Society Lab at Stanford PACS, the Knight Foundation, and the Corporations and Society Program at the Graduate School of Business.
Cubberley Auditorium
What Did Silicon Valley Do to Democracy and the Media?

What Did Silicon Valley Do to Democracy and the Media? A Conversation with Franklin Foer and Nate Persily

This panel was part of the Technology and Human Values series at the Center for Ethics in Society and the Frankenstein @ 200 initiative at the Center for Biomedical Ethics. 

FRANKLIN FOER is a national correspondent at the Atlantic, where he writes about politics and culture. For seven years, he edited the New Republic, widely regarded as the flagship magazine for American liberalism. 

NATE PERSILY is the James B. McClatchy Professor of Law at Stanford Law School, with appointments in the departments of Political Science and Communication. He is a 2017-18 fellow at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences at Stanford. 

LUCY BERNHOLZ (Moderator) is a Senior Research Scholar at Stanford University’s Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society and Director of the Digital Civil Society Lab.  

Video Excerpt #2 (Franklin Foer on the connection between journalism revenue and Facebook traffic.)

Video Excerpt #3 (Nate Persily on the threat that the Internet poses to democracy.)

Video Excerpt #4 (Franklin Foer on his approach to writing a book about Big Tech.)

Listen to Franklin Foer and Rob Reich on Freakonomics Radio: Thinking is Expensive. Who's Supposed to Pay for It?

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