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Politeia, formerly known as the Dirty Leviathans, is Stanford’s interdepartmental political theory organization for graduate students and post-docs sponsored by the Center. Its goal is to cultivate community and intellectual exchange among Stanford political theorists and to create space for informal workshopping and conversation about texts and ideas. To that end, Politeia:

  • Hosts the annual Stanford Graduate Political Theory Conference, which brings political theory graduate students to our campus for a weekend of moderated paper workshops and informal conversation.
  • Hosts an annual retreat where participants discuss early-stage work.
  • Maintains a listserv (political_theory_phd) for sharing announcements, events, and other relevant information for political theorists.
  • Convenes happy hours and other informal meetups.
  • Sponsors ongoing reading groups during the academic year.

Graduate students and postdocs from any Stanford department are welcome at Politeia events. We believe that political theory is an irreducibly interdisciplinary activity, and our interests span across political science, philosophy, history, classics, legal studies, language and literature studies, and religious studies, among others. Analytic, continental, historical, interpretive, and empirical approaches to political thought are all well represented in Politeia.