Past Courses

2021-2022 Courses
  • Fall 2021

       The Past and Present of East Asia, taught by Yunxin Li (History, graduate student)

       Democracy, Politics, and Women, taught by Aliz Toth (Political Science graduate student)

  • Winter 2021

       On Human Flourishing, taught by Kal Kalewold (Ethics in Society, post doctoral scholar)

  • Spring 2021

       Economic Inequality: Why does it matter?, taught by Valerie Soon (Ethics in Society, post doctoral scholar) & Cesar Valenzuela (Philosophy, graduate student)

2020-2021 Courses
  • Fall 2020

        Disability, taught by Chong-Ming Lim (Ethics in Society, post doctoral scholar)

  • Winter 2021

     Our Family, Ourselves, taught by Sharika Thiranagama (Anthropology, faculty)

  • Spring 2021

    Choreographing Citizenship: Protests, Law, and the Politics of Dignity, taught by Timothy Jones (Theater and Perfomance Studies, graduate student)

  • Summer 2021

        Poetry & the Law, taught by Emma Brush (English, graduate student)

       Cover Songs as History & Revision, taught by Kirstin Haag and Julie Zhu (Music, graduate student)

       Feminism Today, taught by Caitlin Brust (School of Education, graduate student) and Joan O'Bryan (Political Science, graduate student)

       Story-Knowing and Story-Telling, taught by Erika Bullock (School of Education, graduate student) and Ben Teasdale (School of Medicine, graduate student)

2019-2020 Courses
  • Fall 2019

        Estrangement in Fiction, taught by Devyn Defoe (Creative Writing Program, Stegner Fellow)

  • Winter 2020

     Sociology of Gender, taught by Christianne Corbett and Rebecca Gleit (Sociology, graduate students)

  • Spring 2020

     Food & the Environment, taught by Matthew Adams and Yuna Blajer de la Garza (Ethics in Society, post doctoral scholars)

  • Summer 2020

        Intersectionality in Women’s Health, taught by Megha Shanker (Center for Health Policy and the VA Health Services Research and Development, post doctoral scholar)

       The Good Life: Perspectives from East Asian Philosophy, taught by Hannah Kim (Philosophy, graduate student)

       Minority Identity Narratives, taught by Krystal Laryea and Mary Shiraef (School of Education, graduate student; Political Science, graduate student)

       How to be Happy: Reflecting on our Experience by Reading an Ancient Thinker, taught by Katherine Kretler (Structured Liberal Education, post doctoral scholar)

       Women, Gender, and Sexuality in World History, taught by Yunxin Li (History, graduate student)