Isabelle Anzabi

Headshot of Isabelle Anzabi
Political Science

Isabelle (she/her) is a senior from Philadelphia pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science with tracks in Elections, Representation, & Governance and Political Economy & Development and a minor in Psychology. Isabelle’s passion for ethical AI governance is rooted in navigating the tension between innovation and regulation, which presents unique policy and legal queries. With experiences spanning across public policy, computer science, and law, Isabelle brings a multidisciplinary perspective to her work. In particular, her interest in developing human-centered solutions to AI and technology policy stems from her mixed-methods research with SLS’s Legal Design Lab. Isabelle is currently a fellow with the SLS Constitutional Law Center and an editor on the Stanford Technology Law Review. She is excited to spend next quarter as an All Tech Is Human mentee and a Paragon Policy Fellow working with the City of San Jose on AI policy. In her free time, Isabelle enjoys artistic and creative pursuits!

Placement: European Center for Not-for-Profit Law