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May 17 2013 | Cara Reichard
When thinking about business and ethics, it is the apparent gap between the two concepts that often comes to mind.
May 17 2013 | Salil Dudani
What’s your immediate emotional reaction to the label “libertarian”? What’s your immediate emotional reaction to the label “social justice”? Chances are, reactions are starkly opposed.
May 16 2013 | Or Gozal
From the Abolitionist Movement grew a distinct way of thinking about the relationship between freedom and equality. Abolitionists cast slavery as both a condition of complete un-freedom and, simultaneously, one of abject status degradation.  As a result, explained professor Elizabeth Anderson...
May 15 2013 | Anne Evered
Brecht’s 'The Exception and the Rule,' performed at Stanford this April, begins with a scene of alienation. The characters stand apart from one another acting out mundane tasks: eating, flossing, and waiting on the train. The scene is stark and the message clear:  The individuals are alienated,...
Apr 15 2013 | Or Gozal
  This summer, Lara Mitra will be working with a union in Ahmedabad, India on initiatives aimed at securing women’s health rights. She’ll be analyzing and documenting the changing role of front-line health workers, like traditional birth attendants and government health workers.