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Mar 7 2017 | Michael Taylor
I: What do you think of men being at the Women’s Marches? Thou: Oh, it’s great. As long as they know the place their bodies have at that kind of event. I: What do you mean by that?
Feb 27 2017 | Kevin Mintz
Sex has been the subject of religious and political discourse for millennia because of its role in reproduction. Imagine, if you will, a world where most people do not have sex in order to reproduce. This is precisely what Professor Hank Greely does in his recent book The End of Sex and the Future...
Feb 14 2017 | Sara Button
Say I give you $1000 a month for a year. Maybe three years. Maybe twelve. You can do whatever you want with it—no need to pass any kind of test or apply for any kind of job to receive the money. Use it as you see fit. How would you spend it?
Feb 1 2017 | Sara Button
When I was eight years old, my family moved. One of the perks of our new home was that we were adjacent to a park. There were a couple playgrounds, some good trees for climbing, and during the summer, the city pool was open. My brother and I spent countless hours there playing with friends, or at...
Feb 1 2017 | Sophie Hart
Over the past two years, California has made significant progress in the fight to bring quality higher education programs into state prisons. In 2014, the state only had one in-person college program in all of its 35 state prisons. Today, just two years later, we have 29 such programs, and most of...