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Jan 18 2017 | Sara Button
What if the meat you buy at the grocery store--the ground beef for Independence Day burgers, the to-be-fried chicken wings for the Superbowl, maybe even your steak on date night--could be healthier than it is now? That it would have no risk of causing bacterial infection like salmonella, that it...
Dec 8 2016 | Michael Taylor
I: You seem to like her. Thou: Yeah, man. She’s great. I: She’s the one from Santa Barbara, right? T: Yeah, that one. She’s great. The others, they just tire me out. They just take it, you know? They just take it. But she’s great. I: Seems like it. T: She doesn’t go out at night and get into...
Dec 8 2016 | Mike Taylor
Thou: So, do you have any theories? Or do you just sit down and do it? I: What do you mean? T: Like me, I used to think the idea was to make stuff where people would go like, “What the fuck is she talking about?” and then eventually, if they thought about it enough, they’d get it, and be like, “Wow...
Dec 8 2016 | Michael Taylor
Thou: Do you think you’ll take your kids to church? I: No. Thou: How come? I: Well, you know, I’ve ‘lapsed,’ as they say.
Dec 8 2016 | Michael Taylor
I: Doesn’t it bother you, how susceptible people are to marketing? Thou: It fascinates me. I guess you would think people would be a little more skeptical about it. I: Exactly.