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Past Theses

Presentation of certificate
Image by Christine Baker

Students in the Program write honors theses on topics that use moral and political philosophy to address practical problems. Previous theses have considered such questions as the just distribution of health care, our obligations to future generations, the role of moral values in education, the moral implications of genetic engineering, and the relationship between gender inequality and the structures of work and family.

Past theses are available to read. Please contact with your request (author, title, and year). You may look at hard copies of past theses at the Ethics in Society Center offices.


Sara Altman (Symbolic Systems)

Autism, Neurodiversity and Difference

Advisor: Rob Reich


Kate Mosle (History)

Equality and Excellence: Distributing Educational Opportunity Under Resource Constraints

Advisor: Rob Reich


Nicolle Richards (History and Public Policy)

Increasing Responsibility to Increase Impact: Ethically Investing Foundation Endowments

Advisor: Lawrence Litvak


Maggie Teets (Philosophy and Religious Studies)

Bigger Bodies: The Balance Between Institutions and Individuals in Living Healthy Lifestyles

Advisor: Jorah Dannenberg


Joseph Zabel (Political Science)

The Usual Suspects: Adhocracy and Distrust in New York City's Stop-Question-And-Frisk Program

Advisor: Joan Petersilia


Salil Dudani (Philosophy)

Who Cares About Distant Suffering? Affluence, Donation, and the Argument from Care

Advisor: Jorah Dannenberg


Danielle Ola (International Relations)

A Question of Authority: Superstition, Charisma, and Superior Responsibility in the Special Court for Sierra Leone

Advisor: Liisa Malkki


Aaron Sekhri (International Relations)

Drones and Democracy: The Specter of Executive Overreach, Constant Conflict, and Unjust, Immaculate Warfare

Advisor: Gil-Li Vardi