Socrates at Sunset

Students gather on the Meyer Green for the inaugural Socrates at Sunset event.  LED lights illuminate the field after dark.

Photography by: Pam Goodman

The Socrates at Sunset program

The Socrates at Sunset program began in 2021 and gives students an opportunity to think critically with their peers about topics related to ethics and philosophy.  A faculty member or group of students opens the event with thought provoking remarks, and then students are invited to ask questions.  The series ends with students conversing in small groups led by a peer facilitator to help process their reactions. 

Socrates at Sunset: Small Talk over Big Questions

What sets the event series apart from other engagements is primarily the setting.  Students gather after the sun has set on meyer green, illuminated with lanterns and LED lights,  with blankets and refreshments in an effort to cultivate a more relaxed and less guarded environment in which students are more open to discuss challenging ideas.  In addition, the small group discussions led by their peers allows for a more intimate engagement with the questions posed in the lecture.

You can read about our inargural event, featuring Professor Rob Reich, from the Stanford Daily, here. The topic was society's reliance on technology to solve social problems. Learn more about the event series here.