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Stanford Practical Ethics Club

The Stanford Practical Ethics Club (SPEC) was founded in 2017 to promote in-depth discussion of real-world ethical issues, to help students engage with ethical theory and ethical practice, and to facilitate participation in intercollegiate ethics events.
Among other functions, SPEC sends a team to the annual undergraduate Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl and hosts weekly conversations in undergraduate dining halls. The ethical concerns SPEC considers—from the right to data privacy to the moral value of artare inherently interdisciplinary, and this is reflected in the variety of majors represented by the club's members, including Philosophy, English, International Relations, Economics, Public Policy, STS (Science, Technology, and Society), and Earth Systems. SPEC welcomes anyone and everyone to join, whether for a single conversation or for a full four years.
Those interested in learning more are warmly invited to email Noah Howard, and to subscribe to SPEC's mailing list.