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Undergraduate Minor

2014-15 Ethics in Society Undergraduates

The Minor in Ethics in Society is open to students in any department who wish to explore the ethical dimensions of the challenging issues encountered in their majors and facing our society at large.

Whether it is the moral implications of CRISPR, or the fairness of immigration policies, a Minor in Ethics in Society can help students acquire the tools needed to arrive at well-reasoned and well-informed positions on a wide variety of controversial topics. 
The Ethics Minor is the perfect complement to fields of study that already engage with questions of values: programs such as Human Biology, Science, Technology and Society, and Symbolic Systems; most social sciences; and, increasingly, STEM disciplines in which technological innovation continually poses new and urgent moral problems. 

Through coursework in the Minor, students are challenged to build a more robust philosophical foundation for thinking about practical ethical issues than what is typically provided by their major.


Gateway Courses

ETHICSOC Electives

  • Three ETHICSOC courses at the 100-level or above relating to theme of minor (12-15 units)

University-Wide Electives

  • One or two courses at the 100-level or above that address moral or political problems, in either theory or practice, relating to the student's chosen theme of the minor. These may be further ETHICSOC offerings OR courses with substantial ethical content taken in other departments of the university. The latter require approval of the program’s faculty director. (3-5 units)

The electives selected by the student should be focused around a central theme such as environmental ethics, ethics and politics, ethics and economics, biomedical ethics, ethics and technology, or a theme approved by the Faculty Director. Ethical Reasoning courses that fit the student's thematic focus may be counted towards the minor. Electives are normally taken after completion of the Gateway Courses.

Courses credited to the Ethics in Society minor may not be double-counted toward major requirements.