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Application Deadline for Junior Scholars Workshop Approaching

Early-career scholars in political philosophy, political theory and moral philosophy are invited to apply to our annual Junior Scholars Workshop, from June 9 to 11, 2019. Open to grad students, postdocs and untenured junior faculty. The application deadline is Jan. 14, 2019.

Featured Event

Jennifer Doudna
On Thursday, Jan. 24, the co-inventor of CRISPR weighs in on the current debate over gene editing as part of the Arrow Lecture Series on Ethics and Leadership.

McCoy Center for Ethics in Society

The McCoy Family Center for Ethics in Society is committed to bringing ethical reflection to bear on important social problems through research, teaching, and community engagement. Drawing on the established strengths of Stanford interdisplinary faculty, the Center develops initiatives with ethical dimensions that relate to pressing public problems.

Upcoming Events


The Basic Income Lab has its own website!

Basic Income Lab logo

The Stanford Basic Income Lab (BIL) was established in February 2017 to provide an academic home for the study of Universal Basic Income (UBI).  UBI is a periodic cash payment, unconditionally delivered to all on an individual basis, without means-test or work requirements. Learn more about how BIL supports those researching and experimenting with UBI policies around the world.