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New Ethics, Society, and Technology Hub

Stanford has launched a new Ethics, Society, and Technology (EST) Hub. The mission of the EST Hub is to deepen Stanford’s strength in ethics and generate a fundamental shift in how faculty, staff, and students, whatever their disciplinary home, choice of major, and career pathway, think about our role as enablers and shapers of scientific discovery and technological change in society. The Hub is managed jointly by the McCoy Family Center for Ethics in Society and the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences. Visit the Hub website

Featured Event

JANUARY 26, 2022 - 4:00PM TO 5:30PM PT
Join us for a discussion about the legal and ethical issues that arise when a witness recants. RSVP.

McCoy Center for Ethics in Society

The McCoy Family Center for Ethics in Society is committed to bringing ethical reflection to bear on important social problems through research, teaching, and community engagement. Drawing on the established strengths of Stanford interdisplinary faculty, the Center develops initiatives with ethical dimensions that relate to pressing public problems.

The McCoy Family Center for Ethics in Society is home to various programs and initiatives that explore the ethical and social dimensions of technology. Our offerings include the Ethics and Technology Minor for undergraduates, the Embedded EthiCS Fellowship Program and the Interdisciplinary Fellowship Program for postdocs, and the new Ethics, Society, and Technology Hub which aims to build institutional bridges across disciplines.