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Ethics Event Grant

Are you a Stanford undergraduate or a student group with an event idea that encourages ethical reflection? Please consider applying to the Center for Ethics in Society for a grant of up to $1,000 to help fund your program.

Funding may be used to offset travel costs for guest speakers, cover food expenses, create marketing materials, and to purchase any necessary items unique to the event (such as tickets or books, etc.). 

Not sure exactly what your idea would look like, or how it should be organized? Logistical and "brainstorming" assistance can be provided as well.

2023-24 Grants
  • Funded the start of a new SI course, CSRE2SI: Ancestors & Money: The Reparations Work Required of People with Racial and Class Privilege.  This immersive course foucses on climate justice and reparations, featuring guests including Morgan Curtis, Marcus Briggs Cloud, Lu Aya, and Bronte Velez.  The course also will entail a weekend field trip to Canticle Farms.  Additional sponsorship by CCSRE, Haas Center for Public Service, Center for Poverty & Inequality, and the Office for Religious and Spiritual Life.
2021-22 Grants
  • Funded a book talk with Professor Karl Deisseroth on his book Projections: A Story of Human Emotionsin March 2022, as well as a student reading group in November 2021.  Co-sponsored with Haas. 
2020-21 Grants
  • Funded the student group, Latin American Voices in Politics, to host a conference on Latin American Health in August of 2021.  See their blog post about the event on our website here.
  • Supported FLIP (First Generation and/or Low-Income Partnership) in their annual conference, titled Uplifting Voices: Raising Resilience and Solidarity, held in May 2021.
  • Co-sponsored a speaker event with SIG (Stanford-in-Government), who invited Opal Tometi, co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement, to speak virtually at Stanford in November 2020.
  • Funded a book club for the Stanford Undergraduate Neuroscience Society, who read Professor Jennifer Eberhardt's book, Biased: Uncovering the Hidden Prejudice that Shapes what we See, Think and Do.  As part of the grant, Professor Eberhard also spoke to the Stanford community about her work in October 2020.
2018-20 Grants
  • A bioethics reading group with SUHPAC, the Stanford Undergraduate Hospice and Palliative Care Student Group.  Students read "Being Mortal," by Atul Gawande's book, and had a facilitated discussion surrounding issues of death and end-of-life care. 
  • An event on ethical hacking for the government, featuring Chris Lynch, director of Digital Services at the Pentagon, hosted by Stanford in Government (SIG).
  • panel hosted by Stanford Students in Biodesign on bioengineering, the future of biology,  and bioethics, featuring Stanford Faculty members Hank Greely, Mildred Cho, and Drew Endy, as well as Stanford affiliate, Jacqueline Genovese. 
  • A student panel in EAST House, the Education and Society Themed dorm, on the dilemmas faced by first-generation, low-income students at Stanford.

Some guidelines:

  • You must be an undergraduate student or an undergraduate student group to apply.
  • Please try to submit your grant at least one month in advance of your event. For larger events, please allow six weeks or more.
  • If you have an idea that requires more than $1,000, please send it our way — we may still consider it!
  • We may ask for some follow-up materials after the event, such as a short article to publish on The Buzz Blog of what was learned.

Please contact Collin Anthony Chen at canthony [at] (canthony[at]stanford[dot]edu) with any questions.