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Apr 15 2021 | Malaysia Atwater
ProPublica reporter and author Alec MacGillis said that regional inequality is a fight with no true winners during a talk about his latest book, “Fulfillment: Winning and Losing in One-Click America.”
Apr 8 2021 | Diana Aguilera
General Ethics Postdoctoral Fellows Since our first cohort in 2007, our General Ethics Postdoctoral Fellows participate in the McCoy Family Center for Ethics in Society’s intellectual life, teach one class per year, interact with undergraduates in the Ethics in Society Program, and contribute to an...
Apr 5 2021 | Diana Aguilera
In California, there are more than 150,000 people experiencing homelessness. Unhoused residents face significant hurdles when trying to find employment, register for government benefits, or sign up for health care without proper identification. Many of these services require an address, leaving...
Mar 29 2021 | Hannah Kunzman
In a social world that is increasingly collapsing the barriers between the online and the offline, novelist and literary critic Lauren Oyler wants to ask the question “How real is the internet?”
Mar 8 2021 | Hannah Kunzman
At the end of the American Civil War, Union leaders issued military orders promising land to formerly enslaved families. This promise, now known as “forty acres and a mule,” was later reversed, and the United States government continued to enact legal measures that compounded the economic effects...