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Photo of Leif Wenar

Leif Wenar begins his faculty director role at the McCoy Family Center for Ethics in Society. Wenar offers a ‘world-first’ philosophical approach to engaging with today’s most urgent problems.
Guaranteed Income in Martin Luther King Jr.'s Vision for Racial and Economic Justice lecture on April 18, 2023, at Stanford University. The event featured Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin and Cambridge Mayor Sumbul Siddiqui—two municipal leaders testing a guaranteed income program in their communities—and was moderated by Juliana Bidadnure.

Photography by Christine Baker

Juliana Bidadanure, a political philosopher and a philosopher of inequalities, became interested in universal basic income for many reasons. Her vision for the Basic Income Lab was an academic and institutional home that would address the history, philosophy, and movements around social welfare, egalitarian justice, and the redistribution of resources that led to the emergence of universal basic income.
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Photo of Rob Reich

Rob Reich has completed two terms as faculty director of the McCoy Family Center for Ethics in Society and Leif Wenar will step into the role in Autumn 2023. During Reich’s tenure, the Center has grown and taken on an interdisciplinary focus that cultivates ethical reflection and action.
“I am just taken aback by how incredible the postdoc opportunity has been,” explained Michael Ball-Blakely, General Ethics Postdoc Fellow at the McCoy Family Center for Ethics in Society.