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Jennifer M. Morton (left) and Cameron Lange (right) on stage in conversation

Photo by Christine Baker

Grit is often highly regarded as a commendable quality in the U.S. However, the concept of grit is not without its drawbacks. April Pacheco, a Stanford undergraduate student, reflects on Jennifer M. Morton’s talk “True Grit: Striving in the Face of Adversity” and conversation with Cameron Lange.
A crowded auditorium with panelists in discussion on stage (left to right) Elisabeth Bik, Holden Thorp, Ruth O'Hara, and Mildred Cho (moderator)

Photo by Christine Baker

Three experts in scientific integrity discuss how academic misconduct occurs, how the community should respond when it does, and how we can prevent it in the first place.
Headshot of E Ju Ro

Photo of E Ju Ro

E Ju Ro is pursuing a sociology major, a philosophy minor, and a coterminal master's degree in sociology. As an international student from Seoul, E Ju has been engaged in Korean peace advocacy work and the "comfort women" movement.
Headshot of Raj Chetty
Raj Chetty is the William A. Ackman Professor of Public Economics at Harvard University and the Director of Opportunity Insights. We were honored to have the opportunity to ask Dr. Chetty a few questions about the power of economics to inspire change.
Headshot of Serena Zhou

Photo of Serena Zhou

Serena Zhou is a senior majoring in philosophy and minoring in math. She grew up in Beijing, China, and is interested in the intersection of law, philosophy, and bioscience.