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Past Theses

Presentation of certificate
Photo by Christine Baker

Students in the Program write honors theses on topics that use moral and political philosophy to address practical problems. Previous theses have considered such questions as the just distribution of health care, our obligations to future generations, the role of moral values in education, the moral implications of genetic engineering, and the relationship between gender inequality and the structures of work and family.

Past theses are available to read. Please contact Pam Goodman with your request (author, title and year). You may look at hard copies of past theses at the Ethics in Society Center offices.

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Ayelet Drazen

Addiction, Agency, and Accountability: A Framework for Ethical Policymaking

Advisors: Michael Bratman and Keith Humphreys

Alexander Lam

Reformulating Inheritance Taxation: A Familial Relational Account (Winner of Cook Prize)

Advisor: Debra Satz 

Jonathan Lipman

The Hidden Bonus of a Dollar Earned: The Minimum Wage as a Self-Respect Enhancing Policy Intervention

Advisor: Barbara Fried 

Michelle Ly

Collective Privacy: Protecting Individuals in the Digital Age

Advisor: Rob Reich

Jackie O'Neil

Liberty and Justice for Some: Criminal Disenfranchisement and American Liberal Democracy

Advisor: Brian Coyne

Gülin Ustabas

Domination Across Borders: Toward A Republican International Criminal Law

Advisor: Leif Wenar

Marilyn Zhang

Affirmative Algorithms: Relational Equality as Fairness for Pretrial Risk Assessments (Winner of Golden Medal)

Advisor: Leif Wenar