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Past Theses

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Students in the Program write honors theses on topics that use moral and political philosophy to address practical problems. Previous theses have considered such questions as the just distribution of health care, our obligations to future generations, the role of moral values in education, the moral implications of genetic engineering, and the relationship between gender inequality and the structures of work and family.

Past theses are available to read. Please contact gmaung [at] (subject: Past%20Thesis%20request) (Gillyn Maung) with your request (author, title, and year). You may look at hard copies of past theses at the Ethics in Society Center offices.

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  • Henry Hill-Gorman
    • Yellow Brick, Red Line: How Milwaukee Became the Most Segregated City in the Country and its Socioeconomic Consequences
    • Advisor: Brian Coyne
  • Ananya Karthik
    • Digital Border Walls: Threats to Migrants’ Rights Posed by Border Enforcement Technologies
    • Advisor: Debra Satz
  • Liana Keesing
    • Mr. Watcher’s Neighborhood: Lateral Surveillance and the Ethics of Smart Doorbells
    • Advisor: Jen King
  • Ethan McAvoy
    • Housing Affordability and Homeownership Among Young Americans
    • Advisor: Juliana Bidadanure
  • Ashwin Pillai
    • Standing Against Injustice: An Expanded Vision of Standing Doctrine for Public Law Litigation
    • Advisor: Wendy Salkin
  • Tori Qiu
    • Ethics of University Labor Boycotts
    • Advisor: Rob Reich
  • Catherine Sarkis
    • Killer Robots on the Battlefield: A Normative and Empirical Analysis of the Deployment of Lethal Autonomous Weapons in Modern Warfare

    • Advisor: Scott Sagan
  • Willoughby Winograd
    • Embracing the Anthropocene: To Make Gentle the Life of This World

    • Advisor: Rob Jackson