2022-2023 Courses
  • Fall 2022
    Experimental Animation: Process as Product, taught by Liz Maelane (Art & Art History, graduate student)

  • Winter 2023
    Utopia, taught by Ali Hazel (Philosophy, graduate student)

  • Spring 2024
    (course still being finalized), taught by Austen McDougal (Philosophy, graduate student) & Oriane Lavole (Religious Studies, graduate student)

2021-2022 Courses
  • Fall 2021
    The Past and Present of East Asia, taught by Yunxin Li (History, graduate student)
    Democracy, Politics, and Women, taught by Aliz Toth (Political Science graduate student)

  • Winter 2022
    On Human Flourishing, taught by Kal Kalewold (Ethics in Society, post doctoral scholar)

  • Spring 2022
    Economic Inequality: Why does it matter?, taught by Valerie Soon (Ethics in Society, post doctoral scholar) & Cesar Valenzuela (Philosophy, graduate student)

  • Summer 2022
    Short Films by Sindha Agha on Women’s Health, Mental Health, and Social Change, taught by Anna Mukamal (English, graduate student)
    Feminism Today,, taught by Joan O'Bryan (Political Science, graduate student)
    Philosophizing with Women Thinkers, taught by Ting-An Lin (Ethics in Society, post doctoral scholar)
    Education: What is is Good For?, taught by Erika Bullock (School of Education, graduate student)
    Short Stories that Make Us Feel, taught by Olga Ovcharskaia (DLCL, graduate student)