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Feb 15 2013 | Alexis Garduno
Often, engineers approach ethics in the same way they design buildings, circuits, or products, according to Professor John Kunz, who spoke to a group of Stanford students, largely pursuing advanced degrees in engineering.
Feb 14 2013 | Anne Evered
  The Latin root of assessment is accidere, or “to sit beside.” The suggestion is that when you give someone an assessment, you sit beside the student and help raise him or her up to the next level.
Jan 30 2013 | Salil Dudani
Sarah donates 100 percent of her salary to meticulously-researched social causes. She is a social worker, but feels selfish for not choosing a more lucrative profession to provide her more money to give away. When her grandmother left her $10,000, she donated it all to Oxfam despite protests from...
Jan 28 2013 | Cara Reichard
  Greg Smith had an unusual way of resigned from his banking job: He lambasted his employer on the opinion pages of “The New York Times.” In March 2012, on the day of his resignation, Smith authored an op-ed called “Why I Am Leaving Goldman Sachs,” in which he cited the “toxic and...
Dec 12 2012 | Alexis Garduno
  A Filipino domestic worker was going about her chores in her employer’s house, perhaps finishing up laundry or preparing a meal. The employer sent her outside and then intentionally let his dogs loose on her. Meanwhile he grabbed his video camera. He filmed her attack, like someone who might...