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Jun 12 2017 | McCoy Family Center for Ethics in Society
We're pleased to announce our sponsorship of Stanford undergraduate Nathan Chael, who will be a Summer Human Rights Fellow with the WSD Handa Center for Human Rights & International Justice.
Jun 8 2017 | Sara Button
A young couple marries, and soon after, the wife is diagnosed with an illness that might impact her ability to have children. Before she begins her treatments, she and her husband decide to undergo in vitro fertilization and ultimately decide to freeze the viable embryos, as well as some eggs and...
Jun 6 2017 | Michael Taylor
“Of course I’m tearing up. It’s just amazing how fast eight years go by and how they’ve become these really unbelievable women, and we just wanted to make sure they knew.” -Jenna Bush Hager   Thou: Awww, that’s nice.  I: What?  Thou: “Bush sisters pen heartwarming open letter to Obama girls.”  I:...
Jun 1 2017 | Sara Button
Andrew Solomon was a fearful child. His mother pointed this out to him once, suggesting his anxiety might be preventing him from valuable experiences. He retorted that he had eaten snails for lunch. “Being an adventurous eater is not the same as being an adventurous person,” she told him. That day...
May 26 2017 | Michael Taylor
Recently I tried virtual reality for the first time at Teknopolis, a “virtual-reality playground” hosted by the Brooklyn Academy of Music.