Maquilapolis: City of Factories (film)

Thu October 29th 2009, 7:00pm
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Center for Ethics in Society
Annenberg Auditorium, 435 Lasuen Mall, Stanford Campus
Maquilapolis: City of Factories (film)

"City of Factories" tells the story of the human costs of globalization; specifically focusing on factory workers in Tijuana, which is home to hundreds of maquiladoras (i.e., multinational-owned factories). Over the course of five years, a group of factory workers worked with the filmmakers to tell their stories. The workers faced human rights abuses, danger from toxic chemicals — both in the factory and in the environments all around the factories — and a complete lack of infrastructure in the neighborhoods where they lived but this particular group of workers became community advocates, and actively pushed to improve their situation. Can a small group of workers really make a difference? Post-Film Discussion led by: Gabe Garcia (Stanford School of Medicine, Director of Haas Center for Public Service).

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