Collin Anthony Chen

Collin Anthony Chen
Associate Director of Graduate & Undergraduate Programs

Collin Anthony Chen is the Associate Director of Graduate & Undergraduate Programs. He develops educational initiatives for graduate and undergraduate students across campus with the aim of creating opportunities for ethical reflection about the complex moral challenges facing our society today.
To accomplish these goals, Collin oversees our Ethics Event Grant, coaches Stanford's Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl team, teaches various workshops, and assists in developing our Undergraduate Honors Program, our General Minor, and our new Minor in Ethics and Technology.
Collin also directs the ICDP Fellowship Program (Intercollegiate Civil Disagreement Partnership), which reaches 40 students nationwide and aids in developing skills in civic dialogue and democratic disagreement.  He is also the instructor of a course on Deliberative Discussions, which allows a small number of undergraduate students to converse with one another over flashpoint topics facing society.

Finally, Collin leads our Graduate Fellowship Program in Ethics for doctoral students across the University, which provides students with an opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue about moral values connected to their research in an interdisciplinary environment. 
Collin received his bachelor's degree in philosophy from Stanford University and was an honors student in our Ethics in Society Honors Program. After leaving Stanford, he completed his doctorate in philosophy at the University of Pennsylvania, where he focused on moral and political theory. While at Penn, Collin served as a Lecturer, teaching courses in bioethics, global justice, and the history of political thought. In addition, Collin lived on campus as a mentor in the undergraduate residences and developed strong relationships with students, and supported their academic and social growth.


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