Ting-An Lin

Ting An Lin
Interdisciplinary Ethics Fellow, HAI

Ting-An received her Ph.D. in Philosophy from Rutgers University, where she also earned a Graduate Certificate in women’s and gender studies. She specializes in ethics, social and political philosophy, and feminist philosophy. Her doctoral work concerned the unfair constraints that social structures impose on different groups of people, which constitute what she called structural wrongs. She has developed a moral framework for addressing structural wrongs and used it to analyze various contemporary social issues, including sexual violence, transnational migration, and artificial intelligence bias. At Stanford, she aims to continue examining the impact of AI through a structural lens while exploring the potential of using AI or other digital tools to facilitate democratic participation and promote collective action toward social change. Ting-An is an Interdisciplinary Ethics Fellow in partnership with the Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI).