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Undergraduate Honors Program

In Their Own Words

Before they graduated, we asked each of 2019's honors students to describe their experience in the program. Read our interviews with Ben, Ian and Eliza

The Honors Program in Ethics in Society offers students in any major the opportunity to write a senior honors thesis on a topic that applies moral and political philosophy to a contemporary practical problem.
Because most social issues cannot be resolved through empirical research or technological innovation alone, the Program exists to foster disciplined engagement with the fundamental human values at stake in public and private life. 
Students have written theses on topics such as the ethical implications of genetic engineering, the right to privacy in the information age, the just distribution of health care, the nature of gender equality, and more. 
Students come from all majors on campus, including Computer Science, Human Biology, International Relations, and others, and have gone on to become Rhodes Scholars, winners of Marshall and Fulbright fellowships, and leaders in public life.